I would highly recommend Abby Kurtz as a personal trainer for prenatal and postnatal clients. I was on my women gossipingsecond pregnancy when I hired Abby. She created an exercise regimen that involved exercises physical therapists had me do during my first pregnancy. With the help of Abby, this pregnancy was dramatically more pleasant than my first. Unlike my first pregnancy, I was not bed ridden due to sciatic and back issues. She was very knowledgeable and nice to work with. – Joanne Petrillo, Chicago, IL


Abby came into my life just about the time by belly was taking over and slowing me down. She kept me active, moving, and in shape. And the fact that she came to me, rather then me having to hike to a gym, made all the difference — especially with another little one at home. By the time delivery day rolled around I felt confident that I would have the stamina to push on through. And I did — just three pushes later our daughter arrived. – Lindsey Gladstone, Chicago, IL


This fall I received the best referral of my life. I went in for a massage and mentioned to the therapist that after two years post-partum, I am still having back and abdominal pain. She suggested I look into a then upcoming class with Abby Kurtz on abdominal rehab for diastasis recti. It turned out to be the answer I had been searching for since the birth of my daughter.

I signed up for Abby’s class and was AMAZED. Within the first couple weeks I had already lost 2 inches in my waist and my back was feeling like it hadn’t in years. I kept up with the regimen devotedly and saw my lagging energy increase and increase.

I can’t thank Abby enough or say enough about her. Abby is a great instructor. She is thorough and precise yet approachable and easy going. She takes this work seriously and devotes herself to maintaining contact throughout and makes a point to have one-on-one time with each participant.

I am now in the 10th week of the program. I have lost over 4 inches around my waist and all but a small portion of my rectus abdominis around my navel has completely healed. I can run and play with my daughter, for the first time since her birth, without concern about my body and pain. I really can’t thank Abby enough for all of her expertise and time. It was the best money I ever spent taking care of myself postpartum. -Suzan Fleck,  Longmont, CO


I’ve been working with Abby for a few months, both as a coach and as a personal trainer.  The differences I see in myself, both mentally and physically are a direct result of her work.  The coaching was the foundation I needed to move into a more structured exercise routine.  You don’t have to spend more than 5 minutes with Abby to know that she is an expert in her field.  Abby makes sure you are progressing, but you know all along that she personally wants to see you succeed, whatever success means for you.  She has my complete trust and confidence… I find it liberating to be in a workout where I don’t have to do anything more than listen to what I’m being told and do it.  Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Abby should absolutely do it—highly recommended! -Amy T. Pendleton, IN


I have had the pleasure of working with Abby for the last two years. What I love most about Abby is she truly cares about her clients, customizes a program based on your individual needs and most of all…she makes it FUN! Not only has she created an excellent exercise program for me, she also helps with nutrition and keeps me accountable. I am so blessed to know and work with Abby. -Jill S. Pendleton, IN