In-home Personal Training: Tailored Just for You

AYP2801466Pea in the Pod Fitness is a mobile, women’s-only personal training business, with an emphasis in prenatal and postnatal personal training. We are located in greater Indianapolis. We come to you! We service Carmel, Nora, Broad Ripple, and downtown areas. If you are outside any of these areas, we may be able to accommodate but a mileage fee of $5 will be added to each session.

Personal Training sessions are 50 minutes in length. They are highly personalized and their design depends on several key factors; current fitness level, previous experience with exercise, health history, day to day energy levels, previous prenatal and postnatal complications, and personal goals/needs.

All personal training sales, except the small amount that is needed for general business maintenance, go directly to fund myself and my husband’s orphan care projects in Zambia. Love yourself. Love others.¬†


Sessions are sold in packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20

3 sessions = $216 ($72 each)

5 sessions = $350 ($70 each)

10 sessions = $650 ($65 each)

20 sessions = $1,200 ($60 each)

Consultation = $20*

Fitness Assessment = $20

Mileage Fee = $5/session*

In addition, we offer small group training rates (2-3 clients working together) and one-on-one coaching sessions

*The consultation fee is waived if you sign-up for a personal training package that same day

*Mileage Fee is only applied if the client is outside the designated service area

A doctor’s clearance for exercise is REQUIRED for all prenatal and postnatal, breast cancer, and senior personal training clients

What to Expect from our first meeting:

Our first meeting includes information gathering, Q &A, and goals and needs assessing. This is the consultation, a time when trainer and client get to know a bit more about one another. This time allows the trainer and client to discover if they are a fit for one another. We will meet for approximately 60 minutes. After this meeting your personalized fitness program will begin to take shape. Abby uses the information gathered during the consultation to get a clear picture of who you are, your needs as a client, and any precautions that may exist. From here Abby will set up an individualized training program, tailored to your unique needs. Following the consultation, personal training sessions will begin. Frequent progress check-ins and goal reassessing will be a part of the program.