Leah Severson Photography Will Capture Your Most Memorable Moments

Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Leah Severson, of Leah Severson Portraits. She specializes in pregnancy, infants, children, families, and High School Senior portraits. She’s based here in Indianapolis. Her studio is located in the comfort of her home in Westfield with plenty of indoor and outdoor space for truly beautiful photography staging, but she boasts that she’ll happily meet you at any onsite location across the States. I recently enjoyed sitting down with her at SOHO Cafe in Carmel. Read on a below and catch a little glimpse of the woman behind the lens…….
Abby: How did you get into this line of work?
Leah: I got into baby photography because, well, I had a baby.  Sounds simple I know.  But when my first daughter was born 17 years ago, I could not stop photographing her. I would dress up up in adorable outfits and set her up in baskets with bows and props.  I photographed her newborn portraits and then just got hooked on baby photography.  And this was before the birth of the digital camera.  I was paying a ton of money for film.  Eventually friends saw the portraits I was taking of my baby and asked me to photograph their babies, children and families, so that’s how my photography business was born.
Abby: What’s your favorite thing about your job?
The favorite thing about my job is the relationships that I have developed over the years and just watching the babies that I have photographed grow.  I’m actually getting to a point in my business where some of the babies and children I photographed when I first opened my portrait studio in Indianapolis are graduating from high school and heading off to college. Now I’m doing their senior portraits, and it’s a bit surreal to think I’ve been working in photography that long, but truly it feels like I just started yesterday.
Abby: Is there anything about your job you think would surprise people?
There’s nothing super-surprising about baby and child photography.  I think what would surprise my studio clients most is the amount of laundry I do.  With all these naked baby portrait sessions I do, some little sweetie is always peeing or pooing on my blankets and backdrops.  Or sometimes on me!  But it’s all good and I love it all and everything goes in the wash anyway.  It’s funny because sometimes parents are embarrassed when their baby pees or poos during a portrait session, but to me, it’s just all in a day’s work.

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